Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pink is the new Blue

Last week, my hubby and his parents painted Lily's room. Now, I was quite hesitant to the color of pink in the beginning, but after allowing the hubby to pick out her bedding set, I was stuck with it. Since the patterns were only in pink and brown, and I knew I would not be painting her room brown, we decided on pink. And I mean, we went through 30 different shades of pink, til we found the right one. And even after we made the combined decision, I was still unsure of how it would all turn out. My main concern? It looking like we painted her room with 100 bottles of Pepto Bismol.

But surprisingly, it turned out very well. I like it. It looks great and after we set everything up, I was verh please with our choice. It even looks like it might be kinda purple-y, don't you think?
Before the paint even dried (really), I had the hubby re-assembling the crib. and getting all the furniture in it's rightful places. Then, the next morning, around 5am I couldn't sleep. So I went in and made her bed. And I cried. Sitting there, tying bow after bow after bow for the bumpers, unfolding the quilt, and placing the little doll just so perfectly in the corner.
It all became ever so real to me. We are having a baby girl. Another baby. And soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love it! Beautiful bedding! I really like brown and pink together. She'll be here soon!!!

My Trendy Tykes said...

Love the pink and brown!
Congrats !!!