Sunday, October 19, 2008

TV Time in Our House

Just this morning, I yelled down the stairs to my husband who was watching TV with our 19 month old son. The conversation went something like this~

Me: "Is that Uniqua singing?"
Hubby: "Yeah"
Me"I swear, they have two different people doing the voices for Uniqua. One who does the singing and one who does the talking."
Hubby: "I know, you said that before. But I don't think so. I really think it's the same person."
Mother-in-Law: "Isn't it funny how your conversations change when you have a child?"

I just giggled and said "Yeah", but then I really got to thinking about how much of our days consist of talking about the television shows that our 19 month old son loves to watch.

I'm not gonna deny it. He watches a lot of TV. But he also plays a lot, learns a lot, we do lots of crafts, and attend a number of extra curricular activities. But when we are home, the TV is ALWAYS on, even though nobody is watching it. I grew up like that and I guess it is an immanent result of my upbringing.

The shows that are most prevalent in our media library are:

1. Backyardigans
2. Barney
3. Wonder Pets
4. Bear in the Big Blue House
5. Word World
6. Blue's Clues

On many occasions, the hubby and I have discussed the alternating hosts of Blue's Clue's. Yeah, all you parents out there know EXACTLY what I am talking about. The Steve versus Joe controversy. Now, mind you, we have only been watching Blue's for a few months now, so we were never around when Steve was Blue's sole guardian. We never had to deal with the "Goodbye Steve" episode or watch as he went off to college. The deal is, I enjoy Joe a lot more than Steve for a number of reasons. And the hubby is exactly opposite. But what I find even funnier, is that I have become very aware of Blue's Clue's and how I say (usually out loud) things such as:

"Wow, Steve is really young in this one."
"Did you notice how Joe says "our FRIEND Blue" during the ending song, and Steve says "MY DOG Blue" I mean, if they were brother's, wouldn't the dog belong to both of them? Well, unless Steve got Blue after he moved out of their parents house, then I guess not."
"You can always tell by the opening scene if it is a Joe episode or a Steve episode. Steve episode's start with the books piled on the floor, but it the Joe episode's, the books (the same books!) are on shelves instead.

I mean really, when did I stop talking about politics and prime time TV? When did it change to looking in the entertainment section for New Backyardigan's DVD's (and making sure they were long enough for the car ride to and from grandma's house) instead of looking for the latest Guster or Marc Broussard CD? When did I start going to Border's looking for Blue's Clue's Bedtime Books and stop looking for the newest addition to the Shopaholic series?

The answer is, I can't even remember. I can't remember when I finally became a Mom and stopped being a 20-something woman.

It's okay though, I mean, I don't mind. And with another little one on the way, I don't see Blue or Uniqua going anywhere any time soon. And I really don't want it any other way!

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Anonymous said...

I thought Joe and Steve were cousins?? Maybe not. You don't do Sesame Street?? We love Sesame street, I think they do some clever things on there. theBeast is in love with Caillou but he's barely on:( and she cries when the shows are over.