Saturday, June 14, 2008

following the crowd

lots of my wonderful friends have been participating in this "Fifty Things I Like About Myself" thing-a-ma-gig.....and with each one i read, i begin to feel more and more confident, that i too, could find 50 things about me that i actually here goes...

I like that I.....

1. am a good writer
2. care about other peoples feelings
3. have a funky side
4. can wear headbands and look pretty cute
5. can't stand going to bed with dirty dishes in the sink
6. stand up for what i believe in
7. won't let anyone make me feel inferior for my beliefs
8. question everything
9. am a cat-lover
10. don't look my age
11. can be spontaneous, but never am
12. love the beach
13. can pack an overnight bag for JM and myself in less than 5 minutes
14. put my son's health, feelings, personality, growth, development in such high regard that i am willing to fight tooth and nail for what i think is right
15. and by what i think is right i mean vaccinations and discipline
16. allow JM to to-sleep with us
17. am a sponge when it comes to new and interesting information
18. am discovering my spiritual gifts and that they are taking me in a direction i never thought possible
19. discovering my relationship with God
20. i have to say the entire sentence in my head before typing it
21. cannot live without my iPhone
22. have become a pretty crafty person
23. just like my mother
24. am a planner
25. attepmt to be organized, although it never works
26. know how to spend money, but don't do so much of it lately...even when it is burning a hole in my pocket
27. am a bargain shopper
28. love junk food and rarely ever gain a pound (don't hate)
29. am making new and meaningful and amazing and wonderful friends
30. one of my new favorite places to be in Church.
31. my favorite color is blue
32. and i have lots of clothing that is blue
33. i will fight and tooth and nail for my son, under any circumstance....don't mess with my kid.
34. can't stand to see JM cry
35. I want another baby
36. I am s-t-i-l-l learning how to knit
37. have a favorite book....and it is Black Beauty
38. want to name my next son Nicodemus...from the Bible, but the hubs says no.
39. am a HUGE fan of Rob Bell and his Nooma's
40. support the movement that "church isn't just a Sunday thing"
41. I love the "Pieces of Flair" application on Facebook
42. allow JM to get dirty when he plays and eat popsicles and make messes...because he is a little boy, and that's what little boys do and that's how they learn.
43. love to shop
44. better to shop at J. Crew
45. love fireworks
46. still have not let JM eat honey.
47. am super cautious with what goes into JM's body, particularly medications.
48. am a fan of the TV shows....House, Ugly Betty, and American Idol
49. am a purse hog.
50. am able to improve one thing about myself every day.

I will not go back and re-read and change it is...fresh from the mind of me...enjoy.

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Jen, this was great. You ARE the only person I know that can look so adorable in a headband. And we totally must start up knitting nights again- I've been out of the habit and would love to help you learn!


The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

Great list!! I love how passionate you are about things:)

Not Just Any Jen said...

what a great list. You are so fiery! Love that about you!

CanCan said...

Wow, I'm inspired to make a list on my blog!

I'm giving away some Robeez shoes this week!