Wednesday, May 28, 2008

the things we do in the middle of the night.

it's 3am....i've been up since about 12:30am. The baby boy woke me and his daddy up with throbbing pain in his mouth...he is teething, again. Molars to be exact. And when he cries or laughs you can see them, clear as day. The boy is ready to eat steak! Well, an hour and a half later, after a dose of motrin, some oragel and teething tablets, and an episode of barney, the boys of the house (and the three kitties) are back asleep. That leaves me, the fend for herself. Once I am awake, and I mean REALLY woken up, it's tough for me to go back to sleep. So, in the last hour or so, I have chatted on Etsy and checked out my Etsy Storefront. I have replied to a few posts on the Countryside Fusion page of Facebook. I have shopped for possible Father's Day gifts (here and here and here and here and here) for Todd (don't worry he never reads my blog, so my secret it safe in cyberspace). I have watched a little bit of the movie Wimbledon on TBS, and now at 3:30am, I am blogging about my night which can now be called an "early morning".

What do you do when insomnia kicks in?

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Anonymous said...

I do the same as you. Hop on the laptop, but it rarely happens to me. Usually I can sleep whenever, wherever, and it doesn't matter if I just woke up!

Not Just Any Jen said...

Oh, I feel your pain. when Bent left for work this am, I still had.not.slept.

It stinks.