Saturday, May 3, 2008


Today was quite a day, and you know what? It was all about YOU. Yeah that's right, it was all about YOU! I bet you're kind of curious as to what on earth I am talking about.

A few weeks ago, there was an announcement at church in regards to a CSM event that was going to take place at the local zoo in our area. Those of you who know me, know that any word of "animals" perks up my ears like a curious little kitten. The point was for the middle and high school students of our church to do some volunteer work at the zoo, and help work on improving it for the lives of the animals and the enjoyment of the community. Little did I know, it was going to be a lot more than sweeping and raking. You see, I have previously spoken about Countryside before and how they have come up with this amazing new program called (936). Ever since I heard of this program I have been pretty pumped. Knowing that my son is going to be a part of something so profound and that there are people out there that care so much about his life and his spiritual journey towards God makes my heart flutter. Knowing that he will lead a better life than I have been able to up to this point and will be given the resources to truly be an amazing Christian is indescribable. I again believe that everything happens for a reason, and this reason right here is why we even ever began attending Countryside in the first place. Not for me, not for my husband, but for our son.

Today's event was title (B3). The principle behind (B3) is that we are to dedicate ourselves to living third, the way God intended us to be. We are to put God first, Others second, and Ourselves third. Now, I will admit, I didn't really think about that principle too much when we were working (pulling weeds and cleaning up a rather insanely overgrown hill), but then lunchtime came, and about 1 hour before we were scheduled to eat they fired up the grills. It smelled SO good and we were STARVING! Many of the kids started hovering around the food area along with a lot of people with a few other groups that were working at the zoo with us. When lunchtime finally came we all formed a line, a huge line! Not too long after that, Josh (our 936 Pastor came by, telling our group to head to the back of line because we were eating last. We were going to practice the B3 principle, and put Other's before ourselves. This was something that really impacted me and it might sound silly and trivial to some of you, but it really did! I didn't hear a single kid complain, I really think that they respected it, and understood, and believed in it. It was amazing, we were all starving, and they ran out of cookies, but we all got something to eat, and we all learned a valuable leasson which is even more important.

Another thing I learned today hanging out with a group of 50-some kids was that not all teenagers are jerks. Sorry if this is kind of offensive, but working in fast food for the last 12 years has forced me to believe that all kids are jerks! This is one reason I have steered clear of CSM until now. I got to spend the day with some great kids who believe it or not, taught me a thing or two. And hopefully, in some small way, I impacted their lives, even if just a sliver of what they did for me. They worked hard and I am so very proud of them!

It was great because Tiff (Josh, the 936 Pastor's wife) was awesome as usual. I didn't know anyone, so she was cool with letting me follow her around for awhile. She introduced me to some of the other awesome Countryside ladies who I think are pretty cool and really look forward to getting to know better.

I am now craving more. I want to be involved in Countryside more! I want to do more events like this and I want to be a part of this amazing thing called CSM and (936). God speaks to me in amazing ways, and today, I think he talked my ear off, and I savored every word. I took it all to heart and I am SO a better person because of it. I am more fulfilled and satisfied. It's these sorts of things that I need in my life, and from now on, I plan on making sure I do more things like this.

And not for me, but you YOU!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome post! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time today. TheFM is always pounding into SlowMo's head about God, other's, youself. I don't think she's getting it yet, but she's only 11, it'll come. I'm so happy with how much your hungering for the Lord!!

This Military Mama said...

I love days like this one. It's such a soul quench, if that makes sense. I'm glad you had good quality time with God.

Your church sounds great and I'm glad you were able to meet some other ladies too.

I'm really excited for you :)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

This is so exciting to hear and I can't wait to hear more!


Carrington said...

What an awesome experience you had! You can read books, and talk, but experiencing stuff is what takes it from your mind to your heart, and changes the way you see things. I'm so happy for you!

Carrington said...

Can you introduce me to the new ladies you met? I really want more friends at that place!

Not Just Any Jen said...

What a great experience!