Friday, April 18, 2008

Sunshine and Sleeping

I love the sunshine. I really don't mind waking up early (thanks to the little guy) around 6:30am, as long as the sun in shining in the windows, creeping through the cracks in the blinds. And waking up to a smiling baby boy looking over me ain't too bad either. I wasn't even bothered by the fact that he peed through his diaper so much that it soaked the blanket he was sleeping on.

Co-sleeping is something that I never planned on doing. I was always "by-the-book" so to speak. I began this journey of being a mother with all the rules intact. I knew what I was supposed to do and what I wasn't. I listened to all of the advice and tips given to me by anyone who felt I needed it. Actually, that person, was me. I was petrified on becoming a mother. I felt like a child myself, how on earth was I going to raise one?

But I followed the rules for awhile, then my mommy instincts kicked in, and I had some amazing talks with some very amazing people in regards to parenting and mothering and instincts. I began to follow my heart and not the norm. Some people think we're crazy for doing what we do, but all in all, we have to do what we think is right, no matter what anyone else thinks.

In regards to co-sleeping, we don't go about it the traditional way (baby sleeps between mommy and daddy). Daddy sleeps elsewhere (couch, guest room) when JM awakens and needs to be brought into the "big bed" with Mommy. Some say it isn't healthy for our marriage, but honestly, lack of sleep isn't healthy for our family. And that's the result of all 3 of us sleeping together. JM takes up most of the bed (is this a commonality with co-sleeping baby's or is my kid just a bed hog?!?!) leaving not much room for anyone else. If he is constricted in anyway, he wakes up a lot in the night, making for a very crabby Mommy and Daddy AND Baby. So, for now, this arrangement works. Some say, what if he's 16 and still sleeping with you? You know what I say?

"I'll be happy."

(is that wierd?)

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Carrington said...

I really appreciate that you linked me under the word "awesome". :)

I'm glad you guys are getting sleep! You do what you gotta do!

To Think is to Create said...

My hubs has been sleeping in the guest room because of lack of sleep, too. He has sleep apnea, so being woken up by the baby on top of apnea was just too much. You can have plenty of couple time elsewhere in the house, so it doesn't affect our marriage on bit. :)

Melanie said...

I was the same way before I had my daughter too. There was no way I would ever do the co-sleeping thing. Then I also started to follow my gut feeling. She's 18 months now- and she usually comes into bed with us around 2am and ya know what? I love it!

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