Monday, April 14, 2008

sleepy baby

Last night, as I lay in bed with Jonah, soothing him back to sleep, I had another one of those feelings. The kind that are nearly indescribable, so much love. He wouldn't go back to sleep in his crib, no matter what I did, yet the moment I laid down with him in bed, he was instantly asleep. No matter how much he claims his new found independence almot constantly, there are always moments in the day that he is still 100% depended on me. And I'm not talking about the times he's eating, or getting dressed and having his diaper changed, but moments like this. He snuggles up into the crook of my neck and wraps his arm around me and I feel his breath on my neck. He is content and so am I.

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Those are very precious moments!


Anonymous said...

Awe, great post. I love those moments.

To Think is to Create said...

So cute that he puts his arm around you! Such a sweetie.

Not Just Any Jen said...

Oh, so sweet. With our boys being the same age, I completely get this.