Sunday, March 30, 2008

CD's I want, love, need, must have...

1. Newsboys ~ Going Public
2. Big Daddy Weave ~ Everytime I Breathe
3. Matthew West ~ Something to Say
4. Casting Crowns ~ The Alter and the Door

CD's we just bought that are totally amazing:
1. Jars of Clay ~ Good Monsters ~ song: Dead Man (Carry Me)
2. Addison Road ~ Addison Road

CD's I had that I didn't realize were labeled "Christian Music"
1. Steve Fee ~ We Shine
2. Phil Wickham ~ Phil Wickham

So my ipod and music files got all jacked up when i moved them over from the old computer. Let's just say it's going to take a lot of work to get all the songs back to their original state (but not impossible, so I am not stressing). I decided to slowly but surely work on the transfer, a little bit here and there. Let's just say Chris Tomlin, Rush of Fools, and Sanctus Real were the first CD's on the move.

If you have any contemporary christian bands that you think i might like, please let me know! Or if you have any of the above mentioned CD's that I am swooning all over, would you please let me borrow them? that'd be great.

did anyone else have a great sunday? I did! After another really great church service, we got some B-Dub's and had Josh, Tiffany, and Domi over for lunch and some Guitar Hero. Then some relaxing. We made some monkey bread and I got some Coldstone, then Todd and I spent some time together. We were both doing wome work on our laptops while sitting next to one another at the kitchen counter/bar area. As we were doing our work, we were both looking at different websites of different christian bands, and playing some of our favorites for each other. It was nice to feel like we had something in common again instead of just Jonah. You can thank Todd for the Jars of Clay recommendation, it was all him.

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Carrington said...

It's great to hear about you connecting, did you tell Todd about my "tip"? he he.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I had a great Sunday, too! This was a good feeling post, Jen!


Meagan said...

Hey. I havent talked to you in awhile but i read your blog and I know of some music you might like. So here it goes: Shane & Shane have amazing worship music along with Jason Upton. Jeremy Camp, and if you like girls there is Plumb, she actually came out with a new album that is dedicated to her child and its almost a lullaby...jonah might like that. Another girl singer is Natalie Grant and then Nicole Nordeman. Shawn Mcdonald reminds me a little of a chirstian tyrone Wells. Last but not least Switchfoot :-) Sorry that is long but hope it helps lol