Sunday, February 3, 2008

Snow and the Super Bowl

Earlier tonight, I stopped at Todd's parents house to have dinner with them, so they could visit with Jonah since they won't be seeing him again until next week. It was about 6:30pm when we got there, and my plan was to not stay too long, because Jonah would be needing to get to bed and I heard it was going to snow. Well, about 7:30pm, I was getting us packed up, and ready to go. I opened the door. I opened my eyes. And this was what I saw.

and more snow.

I was a little freaked out, but thought to myself that I gotta get home. I packed us up. Got Jonah in the car. And got going.

But, none of the streets were plowed. Not even the main streets in the town. By the time I got to the Expressway, I saw that traffic was moving...very....slow. And I couldn't even see where the lanes were due to the Expressway not even being plowed. I got off on the next exit, and journeyed back to Todd's parents house, where I carried my sleeping baby boy in, we got his hat and coat and shoes off, and put him down in the crib. We're staying here tonight. In hopes that the morning will bring much nicer weather for us to travel home in.
Hope all you northwest indiana-er's stay safe out there, especially if you are driving home after a Super Bowl party.

And...yay New York Giants! Congrats on your win! Another Manning wins! Awesome!!!

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Sniz said...

We live west of Indy and didn't get any snow. In fact, it's been in the fifties for three days. What gives? But as my husband says, if his favorite Manning, Payton, can't win the Superbowl, Eli is the next best thing. But what I care about is those cocky Patriots and that cocky coach of their's getting put in their place! Yay Giants!
I AM glad you're safe. Did you make it home ok the next morning?

mom on a mission said...

I was at a Superbowl party at my old church. We were in a fellowship hall with no windows. Around the 4th quarter I realized what was going on out there and couldn't believe my eyes!! Luckily, we live close by and it wasn't too long of a drive home. I don't know about you....but I'm gettin sick of it already!!!!! I always love the snow until about now. I'm just ready for some spring weather :-)