Thursday, January 31, 2008

Polly Wants a Free T-Shirt.

Okay, so you all know my name is NOT Polly (that would have been a fun name though...), but I DO want a free t-shirt! And the nice people over at Polly Tod are hooking me up (and you and you and get the picture). Polly Tod is a phenomenal little online store that specializes in Cool Baby Clothes...T-Shirts to be exact. And not those boring T-Shirts with footballs and fuzzy little animals on them, but T-Shirts that make a statement. Like they say "Why let the adults have all the fun?!?!" But here and now, you can have all the fun...and get your funky little one a spankin' new Polly Tod Tee, just for showing them some love on your very own blog! Check out all the details here!

Anyhow, I have been scouring the pages of Polly Tod, and seriously, I just can't decide! I love them all! But I have narrowed it down to precious few. And I want your help! Let me know which of these you think my little guy could rock out the best to!

1. We are all aware of the tragic events that took place regarding the dogfighting and Micheal Vick, right? Well, why not let Jonah show off his disgust towards Micheal Vick as well, with this "Vick Makes Me Sick" T-Shirt.

2. Nothing like letting my little guy show off his Mommy and Daddy's love for the recent movie Superbad, with the "The Original McLovin" T-Shirt.

3. Raising a Green Baby isn't always an easy task, but the "Thinking Green From Day One" T-Shirt would be a constant reminder to live by the 3 R's.

4. Ron Burgandy isn't the only guy who thinks he's pretty awesome, because Jonah would look quite sure of himself in the "I Am Kind Of A Big Deal" T-Shirt...and that's okay.
5. And who can resist the Cute Mom Heart Tattoo shirt.
Ah! Too many to choose from! Ah! But I must say, out of all of the various groups of T-Shirts, I am loving the Cool Baby Clothes section the best. But don't take my word for it, check them out yourselves. You are bound to find a T for your little guy or gal that you just cannot live without. And with the super reasonable prices they offer, who can resist?!?!

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