Saturday, November 24, 2007

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Every day, I see more and more amazing things I want Jonah to get for Christmas even though I already vowed that I was not going to buy him anything else. And since I officially sent off the Christmas Lists, it is out of my hands. Since we are done buying for him, it is up to the grandparents to get him the remaining "wants" on his list. Okay, okay...i know. How can an 8 month old baby boy have a christmas list? Let's just say Mommy wants to make sure little Jonah only gets the best! A majority of the toys on his list are the wooden ones, so hopefully he will have safe toys to play with, without the worries of lead paint toxicity.

I would like to mention that Mama Speaks did a review on Holgate Toys. The cool thing about this is that this company makes a TON of Mister Roger's Neighborhood toys, even the Classic Trolley. Yes, the Trolley is on Jonah's list! Along with the hand puppets of King Friday, Queen Sara Saturday, and Lady Elaine Fairchilde. Pretty neat huh?

Hope Santa gets Jonah's (and my) list this year!!!


p.s. another sleepy post! ZZZZzzzzzzz

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