Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sicky Jo-Jo [Part 2]

So, my little Jo-Jo is sick. It's confirmed. The doctor found the beginning stages of an ear infection, along with his runny nose, icky cough, watery eye, and insane irritability. So we are going about fixing all that for him, and making him good as new. In the meantime all he wants is to be held and carried around, thank goodness for my Nest Sling.

We also received the diagnosis of eczema. Poor baby. Do you remember the movie Big Daddy? And the kid says something about "Eczema eggs". That's what this all reminds me of. Anyhow, I am currently researching some more natural ways to treat Jonah's eczema, so hopefully something great will come up that I can use to treat him that does not involve a steroidal cream. If anyone has any suggestions of home remedies or natural cures for eczema, please forward them on to me. I would greatly appreciate it!


To Think is to Create said...

I have used a balm (I'll send you the link) that helps keep Jamie's under control, and also a remedy for when it gets really bad, but the only real way to treat it is to find out what's causing it. Without finding the cause, you will get stuck always going from flare-up to flare-up, and it will get worse as he gets older and can scratch it. Start with the laundry soap.

Also, garlic oil drops in the ear (warm them slightly) really help with discomfort for ear infections. You can pick it up at the health food store.

My old pediatrician used to tell me that all colds will show the "beginning" of an ear infection, so at least you know how common it is. It doesn't always mean it will turn into a full on infection.

Life With All Boys said...

Last winter Carter got eczema pretty bad on his cheeks. We never found any "cause" for it, and believe me I tried. I cut EVERYTHING out of my diet thinking maybe it was a food allergy. Nothing. Ashlee recommended Calendula Cream by California Baby. This stuff is AMAZING. After a couple weeks it had cleared up and as long as I kept using it once a day the eczema didn't come back.

Arianne is right about the ear infections. It's hard to see them suffer, but it's not something that usually demands the use of an antibiotic if you don't want to go that route.

Carrington said...

poor thing, poor mama. Sendin' prayers your way love.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you're feeding him solids yet or not, but if you're feeding him cereals then you might want to stay clear of barley and oatmeal (although sometimes oatmeal doesn't effect them). TheBeast has it too, and I couldn't feed her wheat until she was 15 months old because it would make her skin worse. She's 23 months now and except for a tiny bit on her arms she's cleared all up. I really think that food has a major part in affecting out bodies in certain ways. Some other food triggers are citrus fruits, sea food, chocolate, wheat and there's one more that I'm forgetting!!! Ugh. The only thing I found that worked for her was Aquaphor...but if you don't like petroleum don't get it...but the stuff the doctors will prescribe have steroids in them and I don't like that at all. Also, heat can cause a flare up. When theBeast gets hot and sweaty she breaks out again. Sorry if I just repeated someone else, I didn't read the comments!

New Mama's Nest said...

calendula is the only thing that helps with my boys eczema but yes there usually is a food related cause. Have you cut the apples? I hadn't thought about the oatmeal until Jaumis comment, but the worst case if eczema I've ever seen ended up being caused by oatmeal.

I hope Jonah gets feeling better! You hanging in there? Let us know if you need anything!