Sunday, November 18, 2007

On the mind.

NaBloPoMo: Day 18 of 30

Today's Tidbits:

*Lunch with friends and their kids is a lot of fun. The Jonah's have become the best of friends. So great of friends that they are willing to stick their own hands into each other's mouths. Too bad MY Jonah already doesn't know how to share. Oh no.

*Napping in the car is one of the greatest things ever.

*I am totally bummed that for financial purposes, I am unable to take a day trip to Chicago with Ashlee and our boys to the Art Institute tomorrow.

*It was so nice to see Todd and his mom and brother doing tons of yard work together today. Usually Todd's dad would do it, but do to a recent heart condition, he is forbidden from doing anything strenuous.

*It felt great to share something special (Nooma DVD ~ Breathe) with the family. And an even greater feeling to see Todd so passionate about it.

*I have ton's of laundry to do, I seriously though that Jonah grew out of all of his clothes, just to find out that they were all dirty. Also, since the laundry isn't nearly done, I have no socks clean...NONE...therefore resorted to flip flops in 40 degree weather.

*I think he is finally getting there.

*Taking Jonah from his car seat to his bed is a little more work now that he is no longer using the infant carrier car seat. I know have to physically take him OUT of the "Big Boy Car Seat" and carry him to bed. He almost ALWAYS wakes up. Tonight, he just rested his head on my shoulder, and continued to sleep. What love!

*I love my kitties.

*I can't find my keys OR my Bible.

*"Sweetly Broken" by Jeremy Riddle is my new favorite song.

*There are not enough days in the months of November and December. It seems I have something to do every day (mostly on weekends). I am getting stressed, but trying to place it in God's hands. Because it could always be worse.

Hm, that's it. Now time to go sort through all of the clothes Jonah has outgrown, hoping to donate some, give some to my sis who is expecting in Feb., and keeping those special ones for when we have another one! ;-)


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Adventures In Babywearing said...

What a day! And lunch was great- I love that "the Jonahs" is a new thing!