Saturday, November 17, 2007

Another good talk...

My friend, Carrington has officially started blog of her very own. Please, go check her out! She is an amazing person. She is expecting her first baby, a little girl named Capri. So go with her on her journey of preparing for motherhood and giving birth, as well as become a Mommy.

Also, My day was fairly boring. Besides be hearing all of the gossip of the neighborhood we also had a fun time learning a new game called Canasta at the town ladies canasta game night. Pretty intense with all the rules, but fun none the less. The night ended with another encouraging and uplifting conversation with Carrington. I love her to death!


So sleepy.



New Mama's Nest said...

Ooo, off to check it out!

Canasta! You're such a dork! I love it!

Carrington said...

Hey thanks for outing me! Oh gosh, I wasn't prepared for visitors, I don't think I will ever trust you again.

He he, just kiddin'. I loved our talk.

Love you