Friday, March 9, 2007

PR Friendly

Email me:

PR companies are welcomed and encouraged to pitch products and services that they believe may be a good fit for my blog. The following are ideal products and services, but they are certainly not limited to just these topics:

1. Kid related products ~ Please keep in mind ages, genders, and developmental/educational levels of my children that will be “testing” out your products. Contact me for more info.
2. Mama related products ~ I am open to a wide variety of interesting and useful products. Please contact me for more info.
3. Daddy related products ~ See above. May even receive a guest post from “Daddy Instincts”.
4. Travel Destinations.
5. Websites or Services ~ A reasonable compensation will be requested for any website or services to be reviewed when a physical and tangible review item is not available. My time and writing is valuable.
6. Campaigns ~ I would love to feature charities, non-profit's and public service announcements that pertain to issues and topics that are close to my heart (i.e. children, education, pregnancy health, vaccine awareness, and more!)

Items sent for review will not be returned unless in the rare instance it was previously discussed before item is received. If an item is sent for review it does not ensure or guarantee a posted review. If an item is not reviewed in a timely manner, you may contact me for more info regarding such. Services on my part may be negotiable. I may or may not do a video review, a live blogging post, post pictures of item in use, etc. How my review is written and worded is made at MY discretion, and my discretion alone. I will do my very best to review the item openly and honestly as my credibility to my readers is of utmost importance. I will absolutely highlight the good points, but may mention areas I believe need improvement; all of this done in as good of taste as possible, but also as honestly as possible. As always, this blog and all posts written are of my sole opinion only.

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