Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Live Clean (Baby)

"Gifts for the New Mom"

My kids were born with sensitive skin. Both had/have different degrees of eczema that I have had to carefully monitor their whole lives. My 4 year old daughter is sensitive to the kinds of cleaners I use in the bathtub as well as the detergents and fabric softeners I use on her clothing and bedsheets. So to say I am leery about the products I use on the kids skin would be an understatement.

Live Clean (Baby) is a Canadian brand of eco-friendly personal care products that have just hit the shelves and are exclusively carried at Walgreens, the nations largest drugstore chain with over 8,000 stores as well as Walgreens.com. The products start at a reasonable price of about $7.99, so they are gentle on your wallet, as well as your kiddos skin. Our last bottle of kids wash was $20! Yikes!

The Live Clean (Baby) products use only natural, non-irritating gentle plant based ingredients, and smells AMAZING. I must say, due to my kids sensitivities I often end up with unscented products. The gentle scent is not irritating or overwhelming, yet a quick sniff of your kiddos hair will seriously make you want to eat them up!

The Tearless Shampoo and Wash is great. I use it on my daughters long, beautiful hair. It cleans well and leaves her hair so soft!

The Non-Petroleum Jelly has come in handy for chapped bottoms, chapped cheeks, and the spot under the noses that go a bit red and raw from too much nose-wiping.

And the newest Live Clean (Baby) product is the Tearless Foaming Wash. It is made with 98% plant ingredients, is enriched with Chamomile, Lavender, and Aloe and is Paraben-, Phthalate-, Phosphate-, and Petroleum free. It goes on light and gentle, but cleans the skin well and leaves it smelling beautiful. Even my husband commented on how good the kids smelled the first time I used it on them! Since it is a foam, it rinses off well, leaving no residue on the skin. Just pure cleanliness!

Full Disclosure: I was sent a few complimentary Live Clean (Baby) products
 to try out and share with you. All words, thoughts, and viewpoints are my own.

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Stacey said...

We have had Live Clean in Canada for years now, and I use it exclusively for my babes! I love it.