Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lactaid ~~GIVEAWAY~~

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I haven't always been "lactose sensitive". I used to be able to eat ice cream, cheese, and anything with milk in it without a single tummy problem. It wasn't until I was in my upper 20's that I started to notice that milk wasn't sitting right with me. Therefore, I have been a Lactaid user for a long time now, and I am happy to partner with them this summer to educate you on the product.

One thing I was never really sure of, was just how "real" Lactaid is. Is it real milk? Is it some kind of factory made faux product? But I learned that Lactaid is in fact REAL MILK! It just has the added lactase enzyme. Lactase is what breaks down lactose in the body. Everyone has varying levels of lactase, therefore it determines if you are lactose intolerant, lactose sensitive, or lucky enough to not be bothered by the break down at all. Lactaid replaces the lactase that those lactose intolerant individuals lack, letting us enjoy their products.

I too wondered about the calcium content of Lactaid. I learned that one 8-oz serving of Lactaid contains 500mg of calcium, which is 50% of your daily requirement. A regular 8-oz serving of milk contains only 300mg.

Something else I noticed in my own personal eating, is that the harder the cheese, the easier my body could digest it. I didn't know the science behind until now, that the harder the cheese, the less moisture and/or whey is in it, meaning it has lactose it has in it. Thanks Lactaid for verifying my unscientific theory!

Lactaid of course makes milk, but they also make ice creams and cottage cheeses. I haven't seen either of these two products in my local grocery store, but I hope they consider carrying them soon, because I am a glutton for punishment when it comes to ice cream. Sensitive tummy or not, I always eat it, and shortly afterwards, I always regret it.

Melissa d'Arabian, author of NY Times bestselling cookbook Ten Dollar Dinners,  Celebrity Chef, Television Host, and Lactaid Brand Spokesperson, will appear on the Today Show on June 25 to tell you more about Lactaid. So don't miss it.

I have a coupon for one Mommy Instincts reader to try out Lactaid for themselves. Just complete the entry below for your chance. A winner will be chosen Friday May 24, 2013. See below for more details.

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