Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm Here.....

Well, hi there. Long time no...."chat"?

Yeah well, I think that we should be allowed a month off from blogging, that month being DECEMBER to be exact! Who's with me? How many of you spazzed out and rushed posts and freaked because the month of December nearly steals every single bit of energy you can possibly muster. I just don't think it's fair to end it with the SHE-BANG of the Christmas Celebrations. Because really...I can't be the only one carting cranky kids around to a million relatives houses in order to stuff my car full of toys that clutter up my dining room and living room for weeks and weeks! Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for the loving families we have and the way they spoil the heck out of our kids. But man, I'd love to see Christmas spread out over the course of the year. I vote to have the THREE Christmas celebrations we had spread out over the year...break them down into quarterly celebrations (the fourth quarter can certainly be the one with the birthday's in it).

But, to keep it real here. I must say, I tried to sneak at least a few un-opened toys/games into the closet/basement to pop out later in the year, when they can appreciate them more.

Atleast I did a major purge of toys the few weeks before Christmas, donating them all to our local Goodwill. It makes the organization process so much easier once all the old toys are gone, and there is that week before Christmas when the house is only HALF filled with toys, instead of overflowing.....I really love that week.

Anyhow, here I am....I dug my self out of the toys and rubble of a holiday-ridden house, and am now buried in 6 inches of snow and ice outside my door. But yeah for all these toys/games/DVD's, because atleast it keeps the children busy and entertained, and I can enjoy MY new Keurig! YAY!

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