Tuesday, November 22, 2011


the rain drops trickle down the window in front of me, as i tap, tap, tap away on the computer keyboard. i do my best to avoid medical websites, and as of late, it has been a slight struggle, but my will power is winning. i am thankful we have an appointment with a specialist in 2 weeks for lily, and answers will be revealed. a stack of bills sit beside me that i am thankful we have the funds to put some money towards, i just have not set aside the time to get them taken care of. huge stacks of laundry wait on my bed wait to be put on hangers, put in drawers, possibly even worn before we get that far. yet i am thankful we have those stacks of clothes, it means we will be warm and dressed daily. i hate the idea of going to work a lot over the next week, all the while my husband stays home with the kids. but i am thankful to have a husband, that will be able to spend some quality time with the kids, even if i am not hear to be a part of it. i am thankful for the life i have, no matter how tough the struggles may be.

~just write~

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