Monday, May 9, 2011

MY story. MY way. MY time.

I often believe I don't have anything "good" to say when I write. I feel like I reiterate the same few points over and over and over....

my kids are sick

i worry too much

oh how i'd love to be more financially stable

But after attending the Listen to Your Mother show here in Valparaiso Indiana (seamlessly produced by a personal, real-life friend of mine Stephanie Precourt), I am inspired to tell MORE of my story. I am eager to tell you about all the events and issues and times of my life (pre-motherhood and during motherhood and some things having nothing to do with motherhood at all) that I may have thought insignificant or boring or uninteresting. And some of you may think these events and stories very well are boring, but the more I think of all these little things that happened in my life, I realize it is the culmination of those events that brought me to exactly where I am at this very moment. I've decided to take the role of author and journalist to a whole new level. I will no longer wonder and wait and keep quiet for worry I might embarrass myself or those close to me. I want to write and have felt such an enormous block for months and months and months. Feeling like I have nothing to say.

But now, I have things to say.

I am going to brainstorm and list all the stories I want to tell. And then I will come back here and open my heart and open mind and tell it like it is.

I hope you like it.

I know I will.


Fit 4 Life said...

Don't ever be embarassed for who you are. We are all created and developed into who we are/become for a reason. We are all amazing. Can't wait to read your story. :-)

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Good luck! I find that it's more difficult to write the past because of the different perspectives of an event or period that are brought to the table. The present is so fresh that I no one has a chance to rebutt what actually occurred. I documented it first! I am right.

Seriously, it's all important. These blogs are detailed diaries of our lives for our future generations. I would KILL for a blog from my own grandma or uncle or distant relative! said...

I have a series of unfinished posts about my past that kinda detail why I am the me of now. They are so hard to write, but some day I will finish them all. It's also easier to tell people to just read a post rather than having to explain yourself over and over when asked about a specific time in your life. Just for the sake of that, I'm ready to get those posts finished. I can't wait to read your stories!