Monday, November 8, 2010

playdoh on my pants

I have been feeling overwhelmed by the state of my house lately. I did a deep clean about a month ago, complete with window washing and floor scrubbing and baseboard cleaning....yeah, the works. and each day that passes, I would think "Man, I really better get on this before it gets out of hand again" and then I find myself makes excuses and never quite getting to cleaning those toilets and washing those bed sheets and dusting the mantel, and it goes on and on and on.

It's like once it passes a certain point, there is almost no return. And it takes all sorts of will-power and self-strength to get motivated to approach the daunting task. I enlist the help of the other occupants of this house (aka hubs and kids), and sometimes reluctantly, sometimes willingly, they lift a scrub brush or a wash cloth and get to work too.

And once that motivation kicks in, and I get started, you can't stop me. I will work for hours upon hours  and day after day to complete the task, just preparing for how great I will feel once it is over.

And that feeling is so worth it.

I started on it all again a few days ago. And even though I cannot finish every. single. chore in one day like I would wish, I do complete something new every day and even as bedtime approaches, I make a mental list in my head of the few things I want to accomplish the next day.

The vacuum has done what it is meant to do.

The crumbs are swept up.

The couch no longer crunches when you sit down.

The toilets shine.

The fish can even be proud of the shelf in which he sits on.

And as each task gets crossed of the to-do list, I feel my heart rate slow down, and my breathing begin to regulate once again. I am less tense and bitter, and it feels good. And it feels good to feel good, and it feels good to feel accomplished.

Does anyone else feel the way I do about cleaning?


Courtney said...

Yes!!!! Exactly the same way. And, kinda along the same lines...I arranged our bookshelves a week ago, and before I turned out the lights to walk upstairs for bed...

I stood there, and admired them.

Happy Cleaning...(because, I know how happy it makes me once I'm done)

Laila said...

It kind of sneaks up on me. But I just turn on my music and get to moving. I like coming home to a clean house but realize that my life doesn't always make that easy,lol.

Thoughts by Beth said...

I agree. I feel so much better when my house is clean. What is annoying is I clean the bathroom, and that is the day my child has an accident. Or I sweep the kitchen an then an entire bag of goldfish spills.