Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Best Worst Day Ever

I have officially experienced my first "Sick Swap" (yeah, i totally just made that up. Feel free to use it, but give me credit yo'z), To me, a "Sick Swap" is when one kid gets sick, then gives it to his/her brother/sister.

Thursday Jonah spiked a temperature. Like a REAL temperature. Like a 104 temperature. Not cool. I tried my darndest to get him to tell me what hurt, but I think all the talk of Papa going to the hospital and how we weren't going to be able to see him for awhile had given him a scare. So a day and a half had gone by with this crazy fever and a very lethargic little boy. I called the dr and the nurse said if he wasn't complaining of anything, then he may just have a bug that has a fever as it's only symptom. And if that were the case, there was nothing they could do. So I should just "keep and eye on him and see what happens" Okay, fine. I bought it. For like 5 minutes. Then my gut told me to take him to the Urgent Care. This lethargic, not eating or drinking thing got ME scared, so in we went. Sure enough; he has a nasty throat infection. We weren't sure if it was strep or not, because the dr said no matter what the results would have been, he would have still put him on an antibiotic. Oh, did I mention that not a single person at the Urgent Care made a big deal about him not being vaccinated? Yeah. I love them SO much now. Not to mention the dr was super nice and genuine and didn't make me feel rushed. Probably the best medical experience ever following my indebted love I have for Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis. When we got home, I googled the dr's name, to find his day office, and have seriously considered switching us all over to him, because he is THAT cool.

So off we went, to the store to get his prescription filled and on home to get him on the med.

I tried. Really I tried. I tried hiding his juice cup. I tried keeping his food out of reach. But when you have a sick little guy who ONLY wants to LIVE on the couch, then hiding places are limited.

Not once, not twice, but 3 times in the last day had I found Lily suckin' on Jonah's sippy cup.

DANG.IT. (except my inside voice is slightly more vulgar than that and probably voiced about 5 other choice dirty words in place of DANG.IT.")

Yep, not 48 hours beyond Jonah's diagnosis of a nasty throat infection came Lily with a fever. And a cranky attitude. And rosy cheeks.  I suspected she caught that nasty throat infection. And instead of waiting to "see what happens", I followed my gut again. I took her to the Urgent Care.

Could you believe that at 5pm on a Saturday there was not a SINGLE OTHER PERSON at the Urgent Care??? We were swooped in by the nicest of nice people all over again. I mean, Jonah even (kinda) hugged the nurse (probably because he found some sort of pleasure in seeing his SISTER go through getting poked and prodded and not him, but STILL). The receptionist was nice (we talked about the weather), the nurse was nice (she insisted I give Lily a dose of Tylenol before we left, and she even supplied the Tylenol AND let me take the really cool syringe-y dispenser thing home so I didn't have to buy a similar one at the store). She even rolled up a few feet of the bed lining paper for Jonah so he could take it home and color on it. The dr swooped in, checked her out, said "yup mom, you're right. same thing" AND he let ME pick the specific Antibiotic (I'm kinda picky since Lily has funky reactions to certain antibiotics). He didn't even seem offended when I mentioned that 'boys' are worse sick kids than 'girls'. LOL The nurse even asked me what pharmacy we used, so she could tell me what time it closed being it is a Saturday.

Really? Can we go to the Urgent Care ALL THE TIME? Not to mention it is literally 4 minutes from our house?

After all of that. We got home. Had a few spouts of sassiness, that I blame on being sick (for lily) and just getting over being sick and being on the mend (for jonah). Lily got a bath since I managed to get medicine in her hair (SHE HATES TAKING MEDICINE! SO I HATE GIVING HER MEDICINE!). Jonah watched TV while I bathed her and when I went back downstairs, he was asleep on the couch.


I got Lily a Bob (what she calls her bottle), took her upstairs and put her to bed. And as I rocked her, she squeezed me so tight. And I loved every second of it. I hated to put her down.

Then went downstairs, was able to change Jonah's diaper and put his PJ pants on him without him waking up. Put him in his bed. And all is well.

Except you know what?

I kinda miss my kiddos when they are asleep.


preciosamama said...

We do the 'Sick Swap' at my house too. I run an in home child care so it is not sharing with siblings it is sharing with friends and family, which makes a who sick cycle.

I have been to the urgent care several times after speaking to a nurse and them saying to 'wait it out'. Each time I went against what they said and took my daughter in and each time my gut was right.

Good job Mommy and trusting your feelings. We know our children better than the doctors and we need to make sure that they are as healthy and comfortable as they can be.

I really wish I had an urgent care that close and filled with as nice of people as you mention.

Take care of those kiddos and yourself :)

Kat Robertson said...

Aww sick kidlets are the pits :( I hate when my babies don't feel good. Kids are SUPER resilient though and they normally bounce back fairly quickly :) I hope they are feeling better! BTW: I can totally relate to them passing it around. I have five kids ages 10 and under and when ONE gets something, they ALL get it. Then kindly give it to me. :( LOL

Kat @ For the Love of Chaos