Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BABW Connect ~ Pre-Conference

Recently I was invited to attend the first ever Build-a-Bear brand building learning session in St. Louis, MO that is going on this weekend and I OF COURSE said "Yes!".  I was so excited to get a chance to meet with the Build a Bear people and get to hang out with fellow Mommy Bloggers (old friends and getting to meet new ones), and I am even more excited that this weekend is finally here.

We arrived yesterday and got a chance to take a short sneak peek of the area around Clayton, MO. There are some really amazing, old, houses that I am sure Todd would love. Hey Honey, have you ever thought about moving to St Louis??

And we ended up getting a quick dinner in a college town nearby. Tons of hangouts and even a very diverse and organic band playing on the street corner.

And did I mention how absolutely amazingly sweet our hotel rooms are? A king bed ALL TO MY SELF?! Wow.

We headed to bed pretty early, because we knew we had a super long day of learning and networking ahead of us. Honestly, I had a horrible time sleeping and woke up a million times. Leaving my baby girl (and my son and hubby) was really hard on me. Thanks to some of the awesome ladies here for their words of encouragement and promises to help me get through these few days by keeping my mind off of the family back home.

I finally got to sleep and of course, morning came too soon. But I got a chance to take a shower! And for some of you other mommy's out there know, showering is a hot commodity when at home. Knowing I got to take a shower, TWO days in a row was well worth the 5 hour drive. Oh, and of course all of the amazing things I got to experience the next day were indescribable! But that is for....tomorrow's post.

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Mommy Bloggers have a ton of natural cross-promotion options, good for you. As a political and economic development blogger, not so many options for me.