Sunday, March 7, 2010

say what?

i have some really exciting news to tell you all about, but i have decided to keep it to myself until the right time. Hoping it will be very soon.

On the BlogHer '10 note. I am so stinkin' excited to get to go to New York City! I have never been there, and getting a chance to experience it on my own will be insanely empowering. My most amazing room~mates will make the experience rock even more. Ladies, this is gonna be so much fun!!!

We are also planning a family trip to Disney this spring. I think it'll be so amazing to take the kiddos. Todds parents and his brother and his brothers wife are all going with us! It'll be so much fun, the kids will love it, and here is a little secret.....i am so excited to have other people with us while we are there. Particularly, people that the kids love, so it will give Todd and I a chance to not have to be on our "A" game the whole time, which I am pretty sure would be overwhelming. Not to mention, we may even get a little date night while we are there? How cool is that? I can't wait to get Lily's picture taken with the Princesses....ok, Cinderella to be exact. I am hoping to find her a Cinderella dress in her size for her to wear for it. And Jonah will be BESIDE himself when he sees Mickey Mouse. I mean, he will go insane. It'll be so great!

Do you guys have any tips on traveling and/or Disney with little ones? Remember, our kiddos are 1yo and 3yo. I'd love to hear what worked or didn't work for you? Thank a bunch.


Sheena @ Sophistishe said...

Hoping I get to spend some time with you at BlogHer. It would be redonkulous if we didn't!

Complicated Mama said...

Cant wait!! so excited for Blogher Roomie :)

PS- I have a cute Disney Countdown calendar on my site that I made. Ryan loves his....i can send you the files if u want

MJ Tam said...

I'm excited about Blogher too, although this will be my 4th one. But still, I'm excited every year!

Hi! Btw, I'm MJ from CMB and just wanted to come by and say hello.

Looking forward in seeing you at the CMB event on April 11th! I'm the organizer of the event here in Chicago and I can't wait to meet everyone.