Monday, December 7, 2009


The days seems to be whirling around me like a tornado. There is so much going on in each aspect of my life that I am feel like I am running on auto-pilot.

With each thing I cross off of my to-do list, I seem to need to add 2 more.

And I do it to myself, really. I demand it all of myself and turn to feeling guilty when I can't do it all. That's just being a Mom right? Being pulled in a million directions, stretched thin, and never feeling like you can give enough. I mean this is the way it is supposed to be, right?

Or is it?

Don't get me wrong. I am loving my life a lot at this moment. I have two gorgeous and amazing kids who keep me on my toes. A husband who works very hard to keep us all taken care of. An amazing family who has helped us more in the last few weeks than we could ever repay.

Life is good.

But I start to wonder...."What about me?"

You see, my husband and I were alone in the car today. Due to my unorganized state of important paperwork at home, I seemed to have misplaced the ever so important folder containing the ever so important stuff needed to start a new job (oh, I didn't mention. Yeah, the hubby quit his old job and started a new one last week/this week). So I had to leave work, go home with him, with the intentions of tearing the house apart to find said folder. And yes, I found it. Phew!

But anyways, we were in the car. Alone. No kids. And we were able to talk. That's right, TALK! Without listening to a Barney DVD playing in the background. Or find a toy....binky....blanket....snack. Or tend to a crying, screaming baby who hates the car. We were able to hold a conversation.

Ummmm, and it was weird.

I had these flashed of "Life before the kiddos..." and thinking, "Wow. THIS is what it was like..."

We haven't spent much time alone, can you tell? It got me to thinking about how I forgot what it was like before the kids. And how if we don't start working on it NOW, we are gonna have a REAL problem later in life....

So....yeah, more alone time for me and hubs is in order....that is....

after Christmas.....

and yes, THAT is all part of parenting.....being unorganized....

and yes, that's okay.


Sheena @ Mommy Daddy Blog said...

We have those moments when Boogie is sleeping and it is totally quiet in the house. Every two weeks Boogie's grandparents come to get him for the weekend, so that we can have time together even if it means getting work done.

Together We Save said...

Just stopping by to wish you a very Merry Christmas.