Thursday, February 26, 2009

On Her Way (part 4)

39 weeks and 1 day pregnant
3+ cm (or more)

We had a bit of an episode last night, thinking it was "time". I had done a lot yesterday, with cleaning and organizing and whol buncha playing with Jonah. I felt really great yesterday, and have felt great for a few days now. Mentally, I am in a "Let's get this party started" kind of mood, but then again, I am scared out of my ever-lovin' mind. Life is going to change so much! I remember bringing Jonah home from the hospital, and how much I couldn't believe this little teeny tiny being turned my life upside down. And now, bringing home a newborn baby girl, and finding a way for her to mesh right in with our already crazy lives astounds me. I personally think I am the one who is going to need the most adjustment. I think the kids will just follow suit, you know.

And we have been planning Jonah's 2nd birthday party for a few weeks now, and everything is coming together perfectly (he turns 2 on March 22). We are having a Wiggles birthday party since he loves them so much. I have become the typical parent spoiling the heck out of her child. We have every single thing imaginable pertaining to the Wiggles for this party, and personally I am having a really hard time not giving him all the cool stuff that keeps coming in the mail for him. I had to physically write down everything I had so far, just to keep track. Let's just say, this kid is definitely having a "Wiggly Party".

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Brimful Curiosities said...

Wow, first time on your blog. Good luck with the delivery. I was you a year ago. My little guy came a week late! LOL!