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I am able to be a little more content. I have been stressing a bit lately because all of the reviews I have been needing to do I have been holding off on. But there is a phenomenal reason behind it, you see. I decided I wanted to give myself a seperation, between Mommy Blogger and Product Reviewer. I have been getting overwhelmed lately with products and companies and websites to review, that it have been taking up SO MUCH of my personal website. I started this blog for the reason of connecting with people and writing about what is on my mind and in my heart. I have begun to feel that the quality of my postings and topics have been vague and translucent, and it was time to grow. I was feeling stressed over all of this, so I created myself a new product review site, and got a really awesome lady to do a little design for me to make it look nice.

So here it is....

Sharing My Instincts

my new product review site. Nothing will change, I will continue to review and run contests and giveaways on the site, just as I did here on this one...but just in it's own it's own little happy home...away from home.

So please, look forward and bear with me while I get settled over there and I can promise and assure you that most of what you read here will be genuine, lifetime events (with the exception of the PayU2Blog Posts...sorry, but i can't move those to the new site, so just scroll past and ignore them if you wish...). I hope my posts here will be more valuable to you, and of far better quality, though I fear it may take until after the new year for that to really happen, since December is so darn CRAZY!

Thanks for holding on, thanks for reading, thanks for understanding!

I have a few great brainstormed topics I am really wanting to cover soon, so stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to my feed, so you don't miss a beat.

Oh, and I will be announcing the new review site shortly, once it up and moving of course!!

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