Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's International Babywearing Week

Before Jonah was born, I had never heard of the term "babywearing". And the first time I did, I laughed. I thought, that's wierd...I mean really, you don't "wear" a baby....do you?

I was first introduced to Steph's Adventures in Babywearing blog by a friend from work, Meagan. She used to go to church with Steph, and told me that I should check out her site. I did, and after reading a long for awhile decided that I just HAD to be friends, in real life, with her.

I learned a lot from Steph, and the amazing group of mama's that became our little group about many many things, no doubt, making me a better mama than I thought possible. And babywearing was one of those things I learned a lot about.

Now, Jonah was a few months old when I met Steph, and that first day, she brought along a stash of slings, for me to try out with Jonah, so I could see what worked for us before I made my first purchase. Now, at this time we did own 2 "carriers", a Jeep 2-in-1 Carrier and an Infantino Sling Rider. Neither which I really liked or worked very well for us.

The slings Steph brought for me to try were a combination of different styles, so I got a good idea of what I liked and what I didn't. I ended up purchasing a number of slings from various online places, mostly mama-owned, mama-made sling companies, and the one I found I used and loved the most was my Bloom Ring Sling from Nest Baby Sling, now known as Nonny & Boo. I found it was easy to use and the most versatile of all the different carriers I was acquiring. Plus, it was the prettiest too ;-)!

With Jonah being as mobile and active as he is now, he isn't much into the babywearing anymore, so I am very happy to be having a new baby soon, who will hopefully love to be worn, out of love of bonding, as well as protection from her rambunctious older brother and the three kitties who already reside in this house. I am hoping to get her used to a variety of slings, since I have a good selection right now, but am always wanting more and more! LOL.

Sling I have:

Bloom Ring Sling from Nest Baby Sling, now known as Nonny & Boo**
Fleece Pouch from Mommie Nearest
Black Hip Carrier from Portamee
Kiwi Baby Wrap from Lil Peeper Keepers**
Mei Tai from Ellaroo**
Organic Ring Sling from Parents of Invention (just won this one on from a bloggy giveaway, so I haven't had a chance to try it out yet!)

**=my favorites!

And of course, there are many that I am WANTING....

Pop Ring Sling from Nonny & Boo
Blackbird Wrap from Nonny & Boo
Beco Butterfly II in River or Organic Joey
Custom Designed Baby Hawk Mei Tai

wanna play along? Post about babywearing and follow the instructions in Steph's post about International Babywearing Week, and you cna be entered into her giveaway for a Pop Sling from Nonny and Boo. and hey, if you win, and wanna give it to me, that's cool too! LOL!

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

You almost have more slings that me, girl! Great photos, too!


Madeline said...

You have quite a fabulous collection. I like your wish list too.

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

That's awesome that Steph was able to help you out! I learned about babywearing at my local LLL meetings and those gals were so helpful too. It makes a difference!

Anonymous said...

great pictures. :) That's awesome that you were able to try out so many before you made your purchases! That definitely makes it nicer.