Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm Gonna Miss This

On the way home from work yesterday...on that long 30 minute drive, I was flipping through the radio stations in my area. I hit on a country station, which isn't something I normally listen to, but I was a bit familiar with the song because I remembered my mom recently telling me about a song called "Your Gonna Miss This". I'm sure I was complaining about what life is like around here right now to her. I was probably complaining about being pregnant and how much I dislike it. I was probably complaining about having to work so much and how the hubby spends a lot of time working on his school work and now wants to play in an indoor soccer team as well. The thing is, I'm sure I was complaining. And she told me about this song, so when I heard the few lines that sounded familiar, I stopped on that country channel and listened to the song.

As I sit, and listened to that last verse...tears welled up in my eyes. Now, it could have been a result of the hormones of this pregnancy, or maybe it really did just hit me like that. I reached around, and touched Jonah on the leg, as he sit in his car seat in the backseat, "reading" a book. I looked at him in the rear view mirror, and couldn't believe that he will be 20 months old this month. Where has all that time gone? And in just a few months, nearing his 2nd birthday, we will have another little one in our lives. Another baby to love and watch grow up. Will that time go just as fast? I'm sure it will.

I guess that's why I didn't waste my time watching the election coverage last night. We played, we read, we colored. We took a bath, we watched Backyardigans and Blues Clues. Because regardless if I spent the entire evening staring at CNN or MSNBC, the presidential election would have the same result then, as it did this morning. Because these are the moments I don't want to fly by, I don't want each and every day to be a blur. I want to hold every second of every day near and dear to my heart. I don't want to look back and think that I could have done it better (which, no doubt, I will, because I suffer from severe Mommy Guilt at all times). This little boy amazes me every day, whether it is with his new found ability to play the harmonica or how he can do all the motions to the song Mr. Sun. These things may not seem significant, but to me, it is my life. I LIVE to see him do these things, even if it means listening to "Wheels on the Bus" 50 times a day, I'll do it. Because I'm gonna miss this.

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Designher Momma said...

great post! I too feel this way often. I'm not a huge country fan myself, but that song gets me every time.

Capribythelake said...

What a great post, and its so true. It's so important to be present in the moment, and to take it all in as we experience it so you don't look back feeling regret that you had enjoyed it.

What school work is hubby working on??

Melissa said...

Oh, the mommy guilt! My littlest just turned one, and I can't figure out where the time went.

Beth said...

Oh goodness. I know. It's so. And yet I complain complain comPLAAAAIN.

There's a Dixie Chicks song that always gets me too:)