Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tiny Prints ~ A Giveaway! (update with winner!)

Congrats to winner piece of me for her winning greeting:

Our Christmas present came early this year
as we welcomed Alexis Julianna with cheer.
She brought so much joy to our home,
its felt like Christmas all along.
From our growing family to yours,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Congratulations and I will be contacting you shortly for your information to pass on to the Tiny Prints peeps so you can receive your prize!!!

All of your entries were awesome, it was tough to pick just one! Thanks for entering!


After finding out that we are having a baby girl only TWO days ago, I have already begun to think about how we will introduce her to the world when that magical day arrives. No doubt there will be pictures, phone calls, emails, and tweets being sent through all sources of communication imaginable, but nothing can replace the good old fashioned birth announcements. And I'm not talking about the tiny blurb in the newspaper, or even the traditional hospital photo they snap of your minute old newborn.

I am talking about doing it in style, and this is where Tiny Prints comes in. Along with my trusty camera and the nice peeps over at Tiny Prints, we will create the most amazingly adorable birth announcements known to man, no kidding. With the nearly 200 Baby Girl Announcements they carry, I knew I would have a super hard time narrowing it down to just one. Luckily, I have a good 5 months or so to decide...not so sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing! ;-)

And not only do they carry birth announcements, but you can also get Invitations, Birthday and Holiday Cards, and Personalized Stationary. There is seriously something for everyone. The thing is, there are SO MANY awesome things to choose from, how is it possible to pick?!

Well, you better get to picking, because Tiny Prints is offering one Mommy Instincts Reader their very own Holiday Card Package (50 of the selected card, 72 address labels, including 60 matching postage stamps!

But, pssst, it isn't gonna be easy! Here's the info, and read carefully, because ALL steps must be completed in order to have a valid chance to win!

1. Visit “Tiny Prints Holiday Photo Cards” and search for the holiday photo card with the term “slushy to chic” in the description.
2. When you identify the correct card, click “ask a friend” to share the card to my e-mail address (mommyinstincts AT gmail DOT com....but make the At an @ and the DOT a .) along with your very own creative greeting that you would add to the card if you were to purchase it (add it in the "personal notes" section")
3. Then share that same greeting in the comments section of this blog post and you're entered!

HOW DO I WIN (you ask)?
1. Winner will be selected from those who choose the correct card and provided the most fun & creative greeting by COMMENTING ON THIS POST WITH GREETING (only the greeting, not the card name from which the terms "slushy to chic" were found) AND SHARING THE CARD WITH ME VIA THE TINY PRINTS "ASK A FRIEND" LINK. Not following these directions will result in a deleted and voided entry.
2. I will choose the greeting that I find most original and creative from all valid entries and will contact the winner after November 7, 2008.
3. PLEASE leave an email address in your comment, so i can get ahold of you if you win!!!

•Contestants can only win once but many enter as many times as they would like.
•Only people who have not won a Tiny Prints contest in the last 90 days are eligible.
•Winner responsible for the full purchase price of any items that fall outside of contest winnings.
•Contest to run from October 20, 2008 through Friday, November 7, 2008.
•Contestants relinquish greeting text ownership and allow Tiny Prints to use their entries for promotional use.
•Stamps will be fulfilled separately from Tiny Prints order.

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mel*~reachforthestars~* said...

Knock knock
Who's there?
Merry who??
Merry christmas to you! Here's wishing you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

cadenhanlon said...

Merry Wishes and Bright Dreams this Holiday Season!

Tara @ Feels like home said...

This was tough! I think it took me a half hour to find the right card. :)

Anyway, I am going to put the following on my cards this year:

May the closeness of friends, the comfort of home, and the love of family renew your joy this holiday season!

lynnsdecor said...

The Holidays are here,
The Season is full of Cheer,
And I'm waiting up to see
Santa and the Reindeer!
Happy Holidays!

(my winning email address lynnsdecor At gmail DOT com) :-)

carmen said...

"We hope all your holiday dreams come true!"

ceegee24 at hotmail dot com

ps...that was painful to find slushy to chic!

lynnsdecor said...

Guys, it is not that hard to find...I did it in 5 sec. Think about it for now- I dont want to give the secret away until the contest ends...then remind me and I'll tell you how I found it. -Michelle

piece of me said...

"Good friends are hard to find,
harder to leave, and impossible to forget."
With this thought, I wish you a very Merry Christmas,
all the Happiest Holidays
and all the luck the New Year
could possibly bring to you.
livlifelov at yahoo dot com

Jennai said...

Reindeers with holly
Way up in the sky
Bringing your gifts
With a gleam in their eye

royaldixie said...

2008 was great! We welcomed Dexter Philip into the world. May 2009 bring you more love than your heart can hold!


Lindsey said...

Merry Christmas from us three -
John, Emma, and of course me! :-)

ladyufshalott at

Sarah Berry said...

Christmas is a time for giving, the best thing to give is love.
Always remember what matters most

kellyache said...

"Here's hoping Santa has a short memory..." is the caption below my daughter's paint-smeared hands, face, and outfit. I'm really not sure if the card I built is visible to you. Thanks for the opportunity!!

tom said...

We wanted you to know we are safe and alive...
If the economy improves we all will be doing the jive...
Merry Christmas and have a Blessed 2009.

another one
Happy Festivus!
or Merry Christmas and May 2009 be full of love and laughter (hey it cannot get much worse than 2008)!

piece of me said...

Our Christmas present came early this year as we welcomed Alexis Julianna with cheer.
She brought so much joy to our home, its felt like Christmas all along.
From our growing family to yours,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
livlifelov at yahoo dot com

Leah said...

With giggles and hugs
And everything love
Wishing you and your family much dazzling cheer
that all dreams come true this magical year!