Sunday, September 14, 2008

Random Ramblings

I have a head full of random thoughts as I sit here on my Father in Law's computer at 5:47am on a Sunday morning, so here they are, in all of their unorganized glory....

1. Friday was my birthday and it was spent packing for the weekend, getting all prettied up and going to a wedding. It was a bit fun, but I missed The Boy immensely, and got home (the in-laws house) just in time for him to wake up and "need" to come in to bed with me.

2. It rained on Friday, down poured many many inches (feet?!?!), resulting in a poor nights sleep for the boy and an intense flood in our neighborhood. Many people are stuck, as no car (well maybe a Hummer or huge pick-up truck) would make it through the streets. We have been blessed thus far to not have any damage as we miraculously seem to live on the highest point of the neighborhood, the water is only up to a bit over our driveway curb, others, it is nearing (or maybe even worse) their front doors! Since our trip to Chicago is probably cancelled due to this insane rain, I plan on taking that super amazing new camera of mine, and taking some awesome pics of the flooding to share with you all. We are lucky enough that we have a car that is NOT in the garage as we weren't home when this happened, so we can get in and out just fine. I plan on checking with our friends in the neighborhood, to see if they need anything. Luckily, we live within walking distance of MANY stores and restaurants, so if need be, they could walk there, but we are willing to help.

3. The boy is teething, again...the 2 year molars are shining their ugly faces right at us. Resulting in a crabby baby and restless sleep for everyone.

4. I got to spend today with my Mother in Law and we did a little shopping. The Boy stayed with Mimi (my Mom) and took a little nap (and when I say little I mean like for an hour, when he usually sleeps like 3 hours in the afternoon). I spent $50, which I swear, I haven't done unless it was groceries (or something for The Boy) in the last year or so. I still can't bring myself to buy something for ME! Before The Boy came along, I bought shoes and purses and clothes ALL THE TIME, now if I have an extra buck in my pocket, I spend it on the kid. My MIL tried her darnedest to get me to buy something for myself, but I couldn't do it. I found these super cute Sassy Rattles for the new baby (actually the very first purchase I have made for the new baby!), a gift for my mom (her birthday is in 2 weeks), a toy for The Boy, and a gift for a friend's son who just turned one (and we had to miss the party because I had no way to get there....see #2 above). I saw a few cute wallets and bags, but kept thinking, "Why buy a new purse when the only thing I carry around these days is a diaper bag?".

5. My iPhone is acting funny. I think it is because I allowed The Boy to chew on it for a little while yesterday. I'm such a pushover. Better go check out the Apple website to see if I can figure out what's wrong.

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Hope your phone is ok! And that you can make it home safe and sound. I definitely want to see pictures of your neighborhood!