Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Floods Fill Up the Region

As the world goes on (as it should), the aftermath that Hurricane Ike brought upon the Northwest Indiana "Region" has left total destruction. Some of us experienced it pretty bad by not being able to leave our neighborhoods due to excessive flooding, by getting some water in our basements, or our landscaping getting washed away. Seriously, after seeing our neighborhood, I thought there was no way anyone else had it any worse. I mean, if you don't see it, you don't know about it. Well, a few days of some nasty water hanging out in our yards and streets was quickly replaced literally overnight by dry pavement and a bit of cleanup. We THOUGHT we had it bad.

But yesterday, when we thought we were going to my Mom's house to see the wrath of damage, we were quickly turned away by State and Local police as well as numerous disaster relief officials. At this point, over 24 hours from the evacuation, they were not letting ANYONE go back to their homes (apparently the evacuation wasn't so MANDATORY...now, it is!) So we drove around, seeing the devastation on the residents' faces' as they stared down the 2 blocks of water covering the streets of their neighborhoods. Some people were walking away, drenched in flood waters, dirt, and debris, carrying garbage bags and whatever belongings they could quickly grab and carry above their heads in order to keep it from getting wet. Some residents that lived a house or two away from where the water was currently sitting in the street were sandbagging around their homes, in hope to keep out any more water that may reach them as the river continued to flow towards them. With levee's in the town breaking, and everyone trying to divert the water away from wherever they were, forcing the overflow to worsen in neighborhoods where the water level was so high, there literally was nothing left to do but watch your home get engulfed.

As for my mother's house, it has only gotten worse and worse and worse. She is literally the second house away from the river. At first, after the initial evacuation they returned some hours later, to find 2-3 feet of water in their backyard where the grand kids toys were floating around. In the garage, where her boyfriend keeps LOTS of his hunting stuff and garage-type stuff, had over a foot of standing water in it. The basement (as that time) had about 8 inches, and at that time, we thought that was bad. As of yesterday, the water had reached the ceiling in their basement and was starting to make its way up the landing to the main level.

Luckily, my mom and her BF have always been very aware of the river level, and long before the evacuation was ordered, they started moving many of their possessions to higher ground from the basement. They live in a ranch with a basement, so they moved a lot of things to the main level, and even moved some of the things on the main level onto tables and chairs, in hopes that if the water made it that high, at least SOME things would be saved. My mother's scrapbooking room is in the basement, and she did manage to move some of the more expensive items to the main level, but surely there is a lot she has lost, like thousands and thousands of dollars more worth of craft items. Not to mention, many of the kids toys and even some items from my grandparents still sit (or float) in the basement. It is absolutely horrific and heartbreaking, and at the this point, all I have seen is pictures of the damage, I couldn't imagine seeing it first hand.

Today is sure to be another day or shocking surprises and more devastating news. People who have lost everything, but as far as I know, only 2 lives have been lost. Hopefully, that is the extent of it and people will be able to be grateful for their lives. Most "Things" can always be replaced, but lives cannot. Please keep those affected by this storm in your prayers, they will all be needing it.

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Jessica said...

We had some horrible flooding here too. The amount of rain we got was really bad. Hope that things improve quickly for you.

Lynette said...

That is so scary! I hope the waters recede soon. Unbelievable.