Monday, August 4, 2008

WIN WIN WIN a Wordpress Theme!

Ok ,so here's the deal, yeah, I'm on blogger and I'll tell you why. It was easy and simple to set up when I even more computer illiterate than I am now. 'Nuff said. But Iam growing up and REALLY wanting to MOVE ON, so I am entering this contest held by Green and Clean Mom to win a Wordpress Theme, and if I so happen to win, then it will be a sign from above that I am meant to move on over to Wordpress. I have heard nothing but good things about Wordpress and frankly, I think it looks far more professional than Blogger does. Plus, I just like the options Wordpress gives you. So there you have it, what I would do if I won. Now, none of you go and enter now, because I don't want your competition...I REALLY wanna win. LOL (just kidding, you know i can't stop you and you all deserve to win just as much as I do)!

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Tracey said...

Hmmmm... Now you have me contemplating looking at that contest, too. :) Of course, I just figured Blogger out, what makes me think I could handle a whole new format?!?