Friday, August 22, 2008

These days....Those days...

The clouds are looming in the sky, looks like we are in for a cloudy and possibly rainy day. Although, the best part of it all, is that it's not dampening my spirits. This morning I felt better than I have in the past few months by not feeling too sick or depressed and actually had the thought "Today just might be a good day." It was nice to have a thought like that, especially since the last few nights have not been full of quality or substantial sleep due to the little guy having a bit of a cold (or good old Northwest Indiana allergies). Let's just say that I need to thank God for the channel Sprout and the fact that Barney is on from 2am-330am, the normal time the little guy has been waking up. It keeps him occupied while mommy and/or daddy snoozes on the couch.

After today, we are going to moving full speed ahead for the next month or so, with every single weekend full of something to do or somewhere to go. Hopefully, all this activity will keep my spirits up and the morning sickness (all day sickness!) at bay. From family parties, my birthday, to weddings (on my birthday), to my debut party (more about that later), there's a lot on my plate. But I am ready for the challenge, 13 weeks pregnant and all!

Now on to tackle this mess of a house.

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