Monday, August 18, 2008


Last night, it seemed as though my 17 month old son was having a nightmare. He cried (and I mean really cried) a number of times throughout the night, but all while he was still asleep. And since we have been unsuccessfully attempting to get him to sleep in his new big boy bed, we don't immediately bring him to bed with us after the first cry. So last night, after he had been asleep for about an hour, he started crying. So I went in and crawled into his bed with him, wrapped my arms around him, sang him a song, and calmed him back down, and stayed there until he was good as asleep.

And as I lay there, on my right side, with my head propped up on my hand, and my body curled around him, looking down at his sweet little face, I found myself in one of those indescribable moments, near tears, of shear joy. And it wasn't just lying there with him that made me so happy, but the fact that my 12 week pregnant belly seemed to fit right in, right there with the two of us. It would have been a lot better if Daddy were there with us, then the effect of our entire little family, together, as one, would have been even more impactful.

And for those of you who regularly read my blog and/or know me in real life, this is pretty monumental. This pregnancy has not been easy, even tough to accept at times. But, in that moment, so close to my little boy, and so close to the baby growing in my belly, and the fact the 3 of us were all together, in such peacefulness, I found MY peace and happiness. It was sweet and precious and lovely and wonderful.

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Lynette said...

What a moment for you! Awesome - and you wrote it so well with such emotion.

It's a Beautiful Ride said...

I am glad for you... I am not glad for the situation that brought you to it, but then again God will use us and our children as he sees fit.