Friday, July 11, 2008

Hopefully my hair is bad enough to make me a winner!

The awesome chics Casey over at Moosh in Indy and Sarah at Whoorl and Hair Thursday are running a contest that I seriously would love to win. Those of you that know me, know that I have been having a bit of a rough time recently. We found out I wass pregnant with Baby No. 2 on June 25, and a few days later all the nastiness that comes along with pregnancy started to set in. The morning (all-darn-day) sickness, the worrying, the depression (kind of like post-partum, but it lasts for the first trimester of pregnancy). What also hasn't helped is that I was off of work this entire week in order to prep for an amazing CSM weekend for the church, but due to being sick and unable to leave the couch for days on end, I have had to bow out of my position as CSM Events Director for the remainder of this event, and take time to take care of myself. I have in turn be insanley lonely this week.
Casey's contest is all about hair, and if you were to have seen me at all this past week, you would seriously ask if I owned a hairbrush! I would wake up, wrap a bandana around my knotty, frizzy hair and let it be, all day..without a second thought. I was lucky to even get a shower/bath in the last 5 days. I couldn't stand being alone, so even spending time in the bathtub for more than 5 minutes was pushing it. The only small glimpses of happiness was when my little guy would smile at me or the hubby would send a text message from work saying something like "God loves you, and so do i."
So what I need to do is show you a "bad hair day pic", "a good hair day pic", and "an average hair day pic". Casey will randomly choose a winner and pay for them to get their hair done at a fancy salon. What's even more cool is that Sarah at Whoorl will take her hair goddess expertise and decide on a new look for the winner, readers will vote, and off to the salon the winner will go. I already have my place picked out if I win, so this would truly be an amazing prize and something that I tink would really cheer me up. And I am pretty much open to just about any hair style/color, just as long as it's not a super short bob or buzz cut, other than that, i am open for a cool new 'do! So here goes...

"Bad Hair Day" ~ Took this pic this morning....yeah, it is actually even better than the previous days, but still, quite a mess, a pathetic, sad mess...and honestly, if i had to leave the house like this, I would.

"Good Hair Day" ~ this pic was taken while i was pregnant with the little guy, after a well deserved beauty day, I loved how my hair looked here.

"An average hair day" ~ Here we are at Rehoboth Beach in Deleware on vacation. My hair was a little windblown, but still how I would wear my hair on an average day.
Good luck to me! And the other wonderful ladies who entered Moosh in Indy's "Let the moosh Woorl your hair contest extravaganza"!

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Carrington said...

I'm so sorry you are feeling so down. I have something I've been meaning to stop by and give you, will you be home tomorrow morning? Hang in there sweetie. I love the last look the best, and I think it would be great blonde!

It's a Beautiful Ride said...

I've been praying for you!!!!!!!!!!!!vddwpk

It's a Beautiful Ride said...

ha, ha, i seem to be a dork when it comes to posting on peoples blogs, the other day I jacked up ariannes blog....

ha... vddwpk that's captcha for you!