Wednesday, July 30, 2008

HAZMAT Team.....coming in.

So my house is a disaster area. With feeling as crappy and tired as I have lately, my main concern has been keeping the little guy clean, fed, and dressed. I can sometimes go days without bathing, wearing the same work clothes a few days in a row, and staying in my pj's all day. The laundry has been neglected, the dishes are always piling up, and if I could see more than 6 inches of the floor in our bedroom, I'd be amazed.

Well, I am starting to fight the nastiness lately, trying my darnedest to not let it get me down. So between the nausea and headaches and sometimes, actual vomiting, I am cleaning up. Atleast, the thought has crossed my mind, and I have the complete intent to hit it hard today. Not to mention that my amaing husband stayed up late last night, long after the boy and I were asleep, to do some major cleanup of the downstairs (kitchen, dining room, living room area). And not just a little cleaning which would sometimes involve moving stuff around to "look" cleaner. He actually did a great job, making my life a little easier and lifting a bit of stress too. And if I haven't mentioned it, he has been an amazing help these last couple of weeks with me not feeling well and still having to take care of a 16 month old ball of energy. He comes home from a long day at work, and I go to bed and he takes care of feeding and cleaning and putting the little guy to bed. I am forever grateful. It makes me think of the mama's out there with hubby's that work a lot or those that have no hubbies at all (single mama's, military mama's, widowed mama's, etc.) and I can't even imagine how they would get through times like these without a significant other by there side for help and support. Or what about those that don't have family around or that have families that aren't as supportive as mine? I am so lucky to have such great extended family members, ones that are there whenever i need them. That is the reason we will never move from where we are. I don't ever want to be without family, I don't know how some of you do it! Todd and I have dreams of moving to Maine or even Indianapolis, but I think it will be long after the kids grow up before we will do something like that.

On a different note, we got the boy a toddler bed and redecorated his room this weekend. It's not nearly done, but I have some pretty cool ideas for some art pieces and paintings. I will post some pictures soon so you all can see what we've done.

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, exciting about the new room and I do hope you find your energy coming back. I will have to say that what I felt at the beginning of this pregnancy is a distant memory now- I hope the same for you!


Tara said...

I spent a long weekend with my mom and grandma, and they weren't very helpful in taking care of my 14-month-old. I was exhausted and crabby by the end of the visit, and I'm NOT pregnant. I can only imagine what a tough time you must be having. Hang in there. Hopefully, you'll be feeling lots better in a few weeks!