Tuesday, July 22, 2008

and today...

The days have gotten slightly easier arund here, particularly since yesterday I found out that I am 8 weeks in already, thank goodness. If this morning sickness ordeal is anything like it was the first time around, then it should be over when the first trimester comes to a close. Knowing (and hoping and praying) that I have only 4 more weeks of feeling like this is encouraging. Unfortunately, the house has fallen a mess again, with my motivation been pretty darn low. I keep saying, "today's the day i'm gonna clean and/or do the laundry", but i some how never do it. I am very lucky though, the hubby is being great and keeping up ith taking care of the boy when he gets home from work. He takes care of getting him fed and in his pj's and puts him to bed, while i usually go upstairs, take a bath, and hit the hay pretty early (as in 7:30pm sometimes!). He even brought home a movie for us and we watched most of it last night. Now if i can only get moving on cleaning this house and going grocery shopping, we'd be all set.

Also, this weekend I ventured into public (for the first time in a few weeks) and Todd took me and his mom to the movies to ass "Mamma Mia", and it was an amazing movie! It was a movie based around songs by ABBA. I loved it, I laughed and I cried over and over again. You HAVE to see it (just forgive Pierce Brosnan for not being able to sing too well....lol).

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Not Just Any Jen said...

Glad you were able to get out! Hope you feel better soon.