Sunday, June 29, 2008

Etsy ~ A New Way to Shop

A few months ago, I was introduced to a fancy little website called Etsy. It is home to lots and lots of “Do It Yourself-ers” who have joined together to sell their handmade goods in a comprehensive website, a place to gather together and sell their unique, hard-worked goods to the public. Kind of like a virtual craft show, but on a way cooler level. You can find nearly anything on Etsy, from jewelry to clothing to artwork to homegoods. You name it, you can probably find it on Etsy.

The creative minds behind Etsy developed this online marketplace in 2005, and since then Etsy has over 100,000 sellers on their site. The mission behind Etsy is to enable people to make a living making things and to reconnect makers with buyers. The thing is, by purchasing handmade, you are supporting the little guy, not the big name out of touch with reality corporations. You are putting the money into the hands that deserve it, not the rich big wig CEO’s. These sellers work hard on their goods and stand behind them, proudly. This is how they make a living, making the customer happy is far more of a concern of theirs than it is to a large chain superstore. Etsy gives us a choice, a better choice.

The products on Etsy can be simply breathtaking. The variety of goods and the craftsmanship of some of them are amazing. I could seriously get lost in all the listings, making myself “I Must Have” Lists out of all of the awesome things I find. And not only do I make my own list, Etsy helps me make a list of all those Sellers and Items that I “heart”. It groups all my favorites into one comprehensive list that is easy to find and maneuver. You can shop locally, glance through by color, browse the treasury’s, and do a little pounce. For more info on all these Buyer benefits, check out Etsy’s homepage.

Etsy is a modern twist on the old-fashioned high school craft show, but with much higher quality items and much better selection. Check them out, you’ll never go back.

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