Monday, March 10, 2008

New Nest's

My good friend Ashlee (who owns the amazing Nest Baby Sling) has just launched her new Spring Collection of slings. She has the most beautiful prints that any mama would be proud to flaunt, not to mention the best quality and most comfortable slings at that. If you have never "worn" your baby before (and those cheapy, commercial carriers don't count!), maybe now is the time to try. Babywearing isn't just for newborns either! You can wear a baby well into the toddler years, as long as the two of you are comfortable that is! I plan on wearing Jonah as long as he will let me, no matter how much he weighs. There are millions of benefits to wearing your baby, probably millions that non-babywearer's aren't even aware of.

*click on the pictures to get more info

(and who's that hot mama sportin' the beautiful slings but our very own gorgeous mama Jaymi a.k.a. The Flip Flop Mamma

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