Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ahh.....a REAL post!

I don't know about you, but when I go to see a movie at a movie theater, I get this magical feeling inside of me. There is just something about the "big screen" that just puts me in awe. When I watch a movie on the big screen, I get a whole different experience than I do if I watch it anywhere else. The one movie that I distinclty remember being completely disappointed with once it went to video (and is now on basic TV) is Saving Private Ryan. The opening scene, when they are on the boats and all the action is going on, it made me feel like I was right there, right along with them, going through it with them. It was amazing. Then, we got the DVD right when it came out, and I was so upset that I didn't get those same feelings all over again. I kinda felt that way about the Harry Potter movies too, because those Quidditch scenes were just MEANT for the big screen!

This afternoon, Todd and I were fortunate enough to get a small bit of alone time. His parents watched Jonah and we went to go see the movie "Definitely, Maybe" (it was really good, you should go see it). And I just felt like I was right in the movie, like I was there for the good times and the bad times and the times you sort of feel akward to even watch. I love the movie theater. Now if only they got rid of all of the other people who go to the theater (the talkers, the loud kids, the popcorn chompers, the tall people who sit in front, the people that have to go to the bathroom during the movie, the people who arrive late and just HAVE to sit in your aisle). Yeah, if they allowed me to watch a movie all by myself, then we'd be set.

And I have this funny ritual at the movies. I have to go to the bathroom exactly 7 minutes before the movie starts (including the opening trailers). Somehow, if I go exactly then, I have enough to to do my business and get back in time before the movie starts. This also insures that I won't have to go (that bad) during the movie. It has worked like perfection for years and years. It works like a charm.

It was nice getting to go out with Todd. We don't get to do it very often. It was just that...nice. We came home to Jonah being a bit sleepy at Todd's parents house. So we packed up pretty quickly and headed home. The Joj fell asleep in the car (thanks to his new portable DVD player that will be looping the Barney movie over and over...the only thing to hopefully keep him from crying the whole way home from Munster a couple times a week). It's so funny. I used to say that I would NEVER allow my child to watch TV in the car. I have found that I used to say I wouldn't do A LOT of things that I now do (and vice versa). Do other mama's feel that way? I hope so, or I'd be the odd mama out I guess. LOL.

Also had a great time at the Bloggy Meetup on Saturday. It ended up being a real small group (only 5 of us + baby Capri), but it was nice to meet some more mama's and get to just chat. You'd think we would try to avoid the children topic on a (mostly) baby free night, but it seemed thats what we talked most about. And thanks ladies, I showed off the Nikon camera I am now dying to get to the hubby at Target today. When he saw how expensive it was, he quicjly pointed to one on sale. I said "No way! All the other mama's have this one and say it is AMAZING. I have to have this one." Now of course a new fancy camera is not in the budget for us right now, but we are filing are taxes The hubby gets a year long membership at the gym ($800!) with our return, I think I deserve a new camera, right?!?! Yeah, I doubt it!

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The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

Why didn't you link the camera? I want to see what you're drooling after! I like the theatre too...never get to go though. We still on for this week?

To Think is to Create said...

We never get to go to movies anymore either, but LOVE them.

I think that membership sounds CRAZY! Maybe he can find a cheaper one and you can find a more affordable camera and you can split the difference that way? :)

So sorry to have missed Saturday (and church). Hope you guys are well, we're getting there!

Sniz said...

We never go to movies anymore either because of the cost. We seldom justify it anymore. I never saw Saving Private Ryan because I heard how realistic that first scene was, and with my sensitive nature, I knew it would be too upsetting to me. But I heard how good it was and I'm so glad you enjoyed it!