Sunday, December 23, 2007

And begins.

Jonah is asleep and all cozy in his bed with his Christmas Mix CD I made him playing ever so softly in the background. The quiet whirring of the air purifier creates just enough white noise to drown out the insane winds that are causing our windows to shake and produce some pretty loud whistling. All of the presents are finally wrapped (except for my mom's gift, which I wasn't able to finish) and under the tree. We were successful in keeping Jonah's presents hidden and out of his sight. He never even got a look at them after they were wrapped since he was already asleep. This year, Santa comes Christmas Eve morning, so Jonah has some excitement awaiting him after the sun rises. I already attempted to clear out his two toy boxes, to make room for the new ones he is going to be accumulating (I mean receiving) in the next few days. For some reason, I don't believe I made enough room, if there even is such a thing. Daddy is asleep on the couch and I am trying to make the house semi-presentable for Mimi and Papa Duck who are coming over tomorrow to celebrate with us. Then on to Grandma and Papa Matuska's for some more celebrating...then sleep, while the entire family (except me and Jonah) head off to the midnight Christmas Service. When the family gets back, and Jonah is fast asleep, we will continue the tradition of opening gifts at around 12:30 a.m. and won't get to bed until around 3am I'm sure. Which will not deem good for me and Todd, because Jonah usually wakes up quite early (somewhere between 4:30 and 7am is his norm). Luckily, we will be in a house full of family that I am sure will be willing to take Jonah for a bit, while the rest of us sleep...probably even continuing to alternate while we all nap and shower and get ready for the holiday. Jonah, Mommy, and Daddy then head off to Grandma and Grandpa S's house for MORE celebrating (and what I am assuming crabbiness on my part due to lack of sleep...hey, at least I admit I have a crankiness problem). After a few hours there, then we head off to Uncle John's for more holiday goodness. All the while we will become the International Toy Mobile that goes around collecting toys for Jonah. I am actually quite pleased with ourselves this year. We stayed low-key on the gift giving and made our gifts have more sentimentality behind them. Most of our gifts come from our hearts, not our wallets.

Stay tuned because sometime, someday (before the New Year) I will be posting my "Year in Review", a round-up of everything great that happened in 2007 (or atleast everything I can remember...please do not be offended if I forget something or someone, I just have a bad memory! lol)

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Merry Christmas! We missed you yesterday. Can't wait to read your Year in review! I am sure I'm in there somewhere... : ) just kidding!