Thursday, November 8, 2007

CaToys & RoadTrips & Life

NaBloPoMo Countdown: Day 8 of 30

*The kid has a thing for cat toys. Why do I buy him little boys toys anyway? I could just go to Petco and get something all four of my children....3 with 4 legs, 1 with 2.

*I hate packing for a trip now that I have a little one. I was always an "OVER-packer", but now that I have Jonah, I go to the craziest extremes when it comes to being prepared for whatever life might throw at me. Some of you have seen Jonah's diaper bag, and how it is always filled to the brim...ready to pop!...because i carry so much with me. I have the entire medicine cabinet with me, more diapers than he would use in a week, extra food, bibs, clothes, wipes, a name it, it is probably in my bag.
Now, my former therapist tried his darnedest to teach me how to not worry so much..and i think he sorta succeeded. because i don't think i actually WORRY about stuff, as much as I make sure i am prepared. Maybe in my little mind, I have just re-worded it, and found a way to justify it.
Speaking of my therapist, I have to say that I would not be where I am today without him. He taught me a lot, and didn't let me get away with ANYTHING. He taught me how to stop playing the victim, and to realize that no matter how hard i try, things will never be the way they "used" to be. I went to him in September of 2006. I was having a hard time accepting my pregnancy. Jonah was not planned, therefore he came as quite a surprise. And me being the control freak that I used to be (okay...sometimes, still am) I didn't like the fact that I had no control over this little being in my belly and how he was making me feel. I was VERY sick in the beginning, but i think most of it was psychological.
Well, I overcame my fears and now have this amazing little man to call my very own...and i couldn't be happier.

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