Saturday, October 27, 2007

You say you want a Revolution?

Todd took me on a DATE last night and we saw the movie/musical "Across the Universe". I had been dying to see it for awhile now, so Todd surprised me by taking me to see it. It's cute how he remembers things like that & I don't think I have mentioned the movie for awhile now. Anyhow, the movie was phenomenal, but I will say that I don't think it is the kind of movie a lot of people would like. I think it takes a special kind of person to see beyond what the movie is showing, and to experience it the way the director means for it to be experienced. This is a musical, based entirely on Beatles songs. And it is amazing how they tied the songs in so perfectly to the storyline, in order to make it flow so nicely. This movie is emotional, and heartbreaking, and brilliant, and made me experience feelings in a way no movie has in a very long time.
**SPOILER ALERT ~ Don't read this part if you plan on seeing the movie!**

The story-line consists of a guy from Liverpool, named Jude who goes to America to find his long-lost father. He finds him quite early on, and we don't see him again until right near the end of the movie. He meets Max, and a little bit later, Max's sister Lucy. Lucy and Jude fall in love. This movie takes place during the Vietnam War, and concentrates on Lucy fighting for a "Revolution" while Jude spends his time drawing and loving Lucy to his very core. Yet their two worlds collide, driving them to the point of falling apart. Max gets sent to war, even though he tried his hardest to not get drafted. Lucy and Jude both get arrested at a protest (Lucy = protesting, Jude = trying to find her). Jude's dad returns to get him out of jail, but since he doesn't have a Visa, has to be deported. He discovers how much he misses Lucy, and he ends up back in New York, to retrieve his love.

**End of Spoiler!**

There aren't any A-list actor's in this film, and seriously, the only person I knew was Bono, who was in the movie for about 5 minutes. Otherwise, it was a ton of no-name actors, but don't let the names fool you. They have the talent and the personalities to shine, and that is just what they did. Not to mention (and I am being completely shallow here) the main guy Jude (Jim Sturgess) is nice to look at for the 2+ hours of the film, if you like the shaggy-haired, Liverpooled-accent, artistic type.

Since the film is based on entirely Beatles Songs, the soundtrack is amazing (and if you chose to purchase it, I highly suggest the 32-song DELUXE version)! You just again, have to be open-minded because the songs aren't always sung the way you remember them to be, and some of the songs I didn't even recognize. But to hear these songs in a different way, makes me appreciate the Beatles for even more than what they already are, Legendary Musicians who paved the way for the music of today.

I suggest seeing this film, as long as you go into it with an open mind. I must admit that there will be times where you say "I don't get it." But it is well worth the confusion.


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