Saturday, September 1, 2007

These SHOES are made for walking...

So, as always...Steph has gotten me hooked on another really awesome baby product. Today, we are talking about SHOES. Now my little guy is only 5 months old, not really old enough to neeeeeeeed shoes, but any kid can look cool right??!?! Any of these Vincent Shoes, will make your kid feel just, no matter what age they are!

As I got to looking around at the Vincent Shoes, I immediately fell in love! And being the "Project Runway" fan that I am, seeing that these guys are the designers made me feel so trendy and New York-esq! Plus, they use terms like fashion-forward, chic, and urban to describe their products. I don't even own anything that can fall into those catagories! Needless to say, Jonah MUST own a pair of Vincent Shoes. Plus, they are having a phenomenal sale right now. Up to 75% off select summer shoes. And here's the secret, some of these shoes don't HAVE to be only for summer! I could definitely see some little guys running around this fall in the Andy's or the Flagga's, no doubt!

You MUST check out this story about how the shoes called FACE came about, it's so sweet! I hope Jonah (and every other child on the planet has the opportunity to have a teacher like Thomas. Because it's teachers like that, that make me want to send my child to a public

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